Kristen Scott is an artist and lover of all things Hogwarts, Star Wars, Disney and other fun genres and fantasy worlds. She is a professional face painter, confectioner, and graphic designer with a graphic design degree from San Jose State University, and also happens to love crochet. All the items on this website are inspired by pop culture, fantasy worlds, Celtic genres, and all are designed and created by her.


What house were you sorted into at Hogwarts? Ilvermorny? Show your house pride by purchasing something here! Kristen can even mash up the colors so you can show your house love to everyone.


If you love Disney, Pókemon, ánime, Dr. Who, or anything else, Kristen can take colors and textures to create gloves, hats, scarves, and everyday useful items that reflect your love of these cultural icons.


What can you imagine?? Let's make it for you!